Can I Install an Invisible Fence Indoor Shields Plus?

In today's modern world, pet owners are constantly seeking innovative solutions to keep their furry companions safe and secure. One such solution that’s gained immense popularity is the Invisible Fence Indoor Shields Plus. This advanced system goes beyond traditional boundaries by providing a seamless and invisible way to confine your pets indoors. But can you install this cutting-edge technology yourself? In this article, we will explore the feasibility of installing the Invisible Fence Indoor Shields Plus, offering insights into the installation process and guidelines to ensure a successful setup. So if you're considering enhancing your pet's indoor safety, read on to discover whether you can tackle the installation of this invisible fence system on your own.

Can You Use an Invisible Fence Indoors?

It emits an invisible, harmless radio signal that’s picked up by your pets computer collar receiver. When your pet approaches the disc, the collar receiver emits a warning beep. If your pet continues to approach, the collar delivers a mild static correction, similar to a static shock you might experience from touching a metal doorknob.

The Invisible Fence® Brand Indoor Shields Plus is a convenient and effective solution for keeping your pet out of certain rooms or away from furniture, plants, or other valuables. This system is easy to set up and requires no drilling or wiring. Simply place the Indoor Shields Plus discs in the desired areas, and your pet will quickly learn to avoid them.

When using the Indoor Shields Plus system, it’s important to properly train your pet to understand and respect the boundaries youve set. This involves introducing your pet to the discs and collar receiver while providing positive reinforcement when they avoid the protected areas. With consistent training and monitoring, your pet will quickly learn to avoid the designated areas.

One common question among pet owners is whether they can add another collar to their existing Invisible Fence system. The answer is yes, it’s possible to place multiple pets on the same system. However, it’s essential to remember that each pet should have it’s own customized Computer Collar Receiver and undergo separate training sessions. This is because each pet has unique personalities and temperaments that require individual attention.

Can You Add Another Collar to Invisible Fence?

If youre wondering whether you can add another collar to your Invisible Fence system, the answer is yes. The Invisible Fence Brand allows you to add multiple pets to the same system. However, it’s important to note that each pet must wear their own customized Computer Collar Receiver and be trained separately. This is because each pet is an individual with unique personalities and temperaments.

The Invisible Fence Brand offers a range of collar sizes to accommodate different pets. This ensures that the collar fits comfortably and securely on your pet, while also allowing the system to effectively communicate with the receiver.

Training each pet separately is essential to their safety and understanding of the system. While some pets may quickly grasp the concept of the Invisible Fence, others may require more time and patience.

Additionally, it’s important to consider the placement of the Invisible Fence system in your home. The system should be installed in such a way that it creates a seamless boundary for all pets. This may involve adjusting the position of the wires or adding additional wires to ensure the entire area is covered.

This ensures the safety and effectiveness of the system while respecting the unique characteristics of each pet.

Tips for Training Multiple Pets on an Invisible Fence System.

When it comes to training multiple pets on an Invisible Fence system, there are a few tips to keep in mind. Firstly, it’s important to introduce each pet to the system individually. This allows them to become familiar with the boundaries and understand how it works.

Next, it’s helpful to train each pet separately, using positive reinforcement techniques. This might involve using treats or rewards to reinforce good behavior when they stay within the designated area.

Additionally, consider using different collars or receivers for each pet. This ensures that each pet’s training is personalized and specific to their needs.

Regular practice and consistency are key. Be sure to set aside time to work with each pet individually and reinforce the training on a regular basis.

By following these tips and being patient, you can successfully train multiple pets on an Invisible Fence system and provide them with a safe and secure environment.

It’s perfectly possible to use an invisible fence system inside the house, ensuring that cats can be successfully trained to use it both outdoors and indoors. The Invisible Fence® Brand system offers a featherweight MicroLite Computer Collar Receiver, which isn’t only the smallest but also the most advanced collar available for this purpose.

Can You Use Invisible Fence Inside the House?

Using the Invisible Fence® Brand system indoors is absolutely possible, and it’s effective in training cats to respect boundaries and stay within the designated areas. The lightweight and technologically advanced MicroLite Computer Collar Receiver is an ideal option for indoor use. This collar is specifically designed with cats in mind, making it the smallest and most innovative collar available on the market.

With the Invisible Fence® Brand system, you can create separate zones within your home to give your furry friend access to certain areas while prohibiting them from others. For example, you may want to keep your cat away from delicate furniture or certain sections of the house. The system works by emitting a signal that’s received by the cats collar, alerting them to stay within the designated boundaries.

The collar emits a mild, harmless static correction when the cat approaches the boundary, reminding them to stay within the allowed area. With consistency and positive reinforcement, cats quickly learn to associate the correction with the boundaries and adjust their behavior accordingly.

The system is designed to blend seamlessly into your home, ensuring that it remains aesthetically pleasing while keeping your feline friend safe.

With the MicroLite Computer Collar Receiver, you can easily train your cat to respect boundaries and enjoy the peace of mind knowing that they’ll remain safe and secure within the designated areas of your home.

Yes, the Perimeter ComputerReceiverTM Collar is compatible with your existing Invisible Fence brand 7K or 10K dog fence system. This waterproof collar receiver comes in two frequencies (7K or 10K) to accommodate your specific transmitter. Please check your current transmitter to determine the frequency you require.

Do Perimeter Collars Work With Invisible Fence?

Yes, you can install an Invisible Fence Indoor Shields Plus system, but it’s important to understand how it works and what you can expect from it. The Indoor Shields Plus system is designed to create a wireless boundary within your home, allowing you to keep your pets contained without the need for traditional physical fences. This system uses small, wireless units called Shields that emit a signal to create a boundary. These Shields are installed around your home, and the signal emitted by them can be adjusted to create the desired containment area.

When it comes to compatibility, the Perimeter ComputerReceiver collar is designed to work with both the 7K and 10K Invisible Fence brand dog fence systems. This collar receiver is completely waterproof, ensuring that it can withstand various weather conditions. Before installing the Invisible Fence Indoor Shields Plus system, you should check the frequency of your current transmitter to determine which collar receiver frequency you need.

For optimal results, it’s recommended to follow the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer and to provide proper training to your pets.

This system offers flexibility, customization, and waterproof collars to create an effective containment solution for your pets within your home. However, it’s important to take into account various factors and follow proper installation and training techniques to ensure the success of the system.

Comparison of Different Brands of Invisible Fences

When comparing different brands of invisible fences, it’s important to consider factors such as range, ease of installation, reliability, and available features. Indoor Shields Plus is one brand that offers an invisible fence system designed specifically for indoor use. With Indoor Shields Plus, you can create boundaries to keep your pets away from certain areas in your home without the need for traditional physical barriers. The system includes small, wireless transmitters that emit a radio signal to define the boundaries, and a receiver collar worn by your pet that emits a warning tone or correction if they approach the boundary. It’s always recommended to thoroughly research and compare different brands before making a decision to find the best invisible fence system that fits your specific needs.

Today, installing your own invisible dog fence is easier than ever before. In the past, these systems were only available through professional installation, but now, do-it-yourself installation is a breeze. All you need is basic tools like a shovel and a screwdriver, and you can get the job done. If you prefer a more convenient option, portable and wireless systems are also available, eliminating the need for any digging or trenching.

Can I Install My Own Invisible Dog Fence?

Yes, you can install your own invisible dog fence. In the past, only professionally-installed electric dog fence systems were available on the market. However, these days, do-it-yourself installation has become a simple task that can be easily accomplished by almost anyone who can handle a shovel and a screwdriver. In fact, there are even portable and wireless systems available that eliminate the need for any digging or trenching.

The process of installing an invisible dog fence typically involves a few basic steps. First, youll need to determine the boundary of your desired area and mark it out. This can be done using flags or other markers to help indicate where the fence line will be. Next, youll need to install the transmitter, which is usually located indoors. This transmitter is responsible for emitting the signal that defines the boundaries of the fence.

After the transmitter is set up, youll need to bury the boundary wire around the perimeter of your designated area. This wire carries the signal from the transmitter to the receiver collar that your dog will wear. It’s important to ensure that the wire is buried at the correct depth to avoid damage, and it should be carefully secured to prevent any accidental disconnection.

Once the boundary wire is in place, you can begin training your dog to understand and respect the boundaries of the invisible fence. This typically involves introducing them gradually to the fence through positive reinforcement and consistent training techniques. Over time, your dog will learn to recognize the warning signs given by the collar and will understand the consequences of crossing the boundary.

With the availability of portable and wireless options, it’s become even easier to create a safe and secure space for your furry friend to roam without the need for any extensive digging or trenching.

Pros and Cons of Installing Your Own Invisible Dog Fence

Installing your own invisible dog fence has both pros and cons. One major advantage is cost savings. By doing it yourself, you can avoid the expense of hiring a professional installer. Additionally, you’ve more flexibility in customizing the layout of the fence to suit your property’s specific needs.

However, there are some disadvantages to consider as well. First, installing an invisible fence requires knowledge of electrical systems and wiring. If you aren’t familiar with these concepts, it can be challenging and time-consuming. Another con is that DIY installation may result in a less reliable and effective fence, as professionals have experience and expertise in setting up these systems correctly.

Ultimately, whether to install your own invisible dog fence or not depends on your comfort level with DIY projects and your familiarity with electrical work. If you feel confident in your abilities and are willing to invest the time and effort, it can be a cost-effective solution. However, if you’ve concerns or lack experience, it may be wiser to hire a professional to ensure the safety and reliability of the system.

Source: DIY Dog Fence Vs Pro Install (Benefits & Installation Costs)


This system ensures the safety of pets by creating invisible boundaries that prevent them from accessing specific areas of the home. By utilizing advanced technology and customizable settings, the Indoor Shields Plus system provides peace of mind for pet owners while promoting a safe and harmonious living environment. With easy installation and versatile options, this system proves to be a valuable tool in keeping pets safe and secure indoors.

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