How to Disable Electric Fence in the Escapists

In the thrilling world of The Escapists, where cunning inmates strive for freedom, the electrified fences that surround the prisons can be both a formidable obstacle and a potential escape route. To navigate these treacherous barriers and disable the electric fence, one must first target the source of power – the Generator. This vital piece of machinery can be found in various locations such as the notorious Stalag Flucht, the sun-soaked San Pancho, the dense Jungle Compound, the imposing HMP Irongate, and even in some of the prisons within The Escapists 2, including the intriguing DLC adventure, The Glorious Regime. By carefully deciphering the intricate mechanics behind this electrifying dilemma, inmates can unlock the key to dismantling these barriers and pave their way towards freedom. From safely cutting through the electric fence to ingeniously digging under it, disabling the Generator holds the key to triumphing over these formidable obstacles and forging a path to liberation. So, fellow inmates, prepare yourselves for a daring escapade as we embark on a journey to uncover the secrets behind disabling the electric fence in The Escapists.

Can You Dig Under the Fence Escapists?

In the game of The Escapists, players often find themselves faced with the challenge of escaping from various prisons. One particular hurdle that can impede progress is the presence of electric fences. These fences serve as effective barriers, zapping and shocking players who dare to get too close. However, there are ways to disable these electric fences and pave the way for a successful escape.

One method to consider is cutting the electric fence. By disabling the generator that powers the fence, players can safely approach and cut the wires. This can be achieved by locating and interacting with the generator, which is typically found in specific locations such as Stalag Flucht, San Pancho, Jungle Compound, HMP Irongate, and certain prisons in The Escapists 2, including the DLC The Glorious Regime.

This approach also involves disabling the generator to deactivate the electrical charge. With cautious planning and execution, players can dig a tunnel beneath the fence, ensuring they remain unharmed by the electrical current. This method requires patience and timing, as players must navigate the underground tunnel system while avoiding detection and potential setbacks.

It’s worth noting that in The Escapists 2, electric fences are designed to spark and shock players upon contact. This serves as a deterrent and adds an element of danger to the escape mission. Therefore, disabling the generator becomes even more crucial to safely bypassing the electric fence.

How to Plan and Execute a Successful Tunneling Escape Under the Electric Fence in the Escapists

In order to plan and execute a successful tunneling escape under the electric fence in The Escapists, there are a few key steps to follow.

First and foremost, you’ll need to gather the necessary tools. This includes a shovel to dig the tunnel, a pickaxe to break through any hard surfaces, and a sturdy digging tool to help you dig through the ground quicker.

Next, you’ll need to find a suitable location to begin your tunnel. Look for a spot that’s out of sight from the guards and other prisoners, preferably in an area with minimal surveillance.

Once you’ve selected a location, start digging your tunnel underground. Be sure to dig in a discreet manner, taking caution to avoid detection. It’s advisable to dig a few feet below the ground surface to reduce the risk of being spotted.

As you dig, be mindful of the electric fence above you. Try to dig your tunnel deep enough to go beneath the fence, ensuring that you won’t come into contact with it during your escape.

Once you’ve successfully constructed your tunnel, it’s time to execute your escape plan. Wait for a suitable moment, such as during a shift change or when the guards are otherwise distracted. Then, quickly crawl through the tunnel and make your way to freedom!

Remember, executing a successful tunneling escape requires careful planning, patience, and timing. Be sure to cover your tracks and avoid detection as much as possible to increase your chances of success.

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However, it’s crucial to note that tampering with electric fences is illegal and poses serious risks, both to the perpetrator and potential victims.

How Do You Bypass an Electric Fence?

When it comes to bypassing an electric fence, robbers often opt for a simple yet effective method: placing insulating material over the wires. By doing so, they create a barrier between themselves and the electric current running through the fence. While this doesn’t entirely eliminate the risk of being shocked, it weakens the intensity significantly, allowing them to gain entrance without getting electrocuted.

Insulating materials can vary, but the goal remains the same – to disrupt the flow of electricity. Common choices include rubber, PVC, and even plastic bags. By wrapping these materials around the wires, the electrical current is prevented from directly reaching the would-be intruder. This approach enables them to manipulate the fence without facing the full force of the shock.

It’s important to note, however, that bypassing an electric fence entails certain risks. Even with insulating material in place, there’s still a potential for shock if proper precautions aren’t taken. Additionally, tampering with an electric fence is often illegal and can result in serious consequences.

This information is provided for educational purposes only to shed light on potential security vulnerabilities. It’s crucial to prioritize safety and follow the laws in your jurisdiction. If you suspect any issues or weaknesses regarding an electric fence, it’s recommended to contact a security professional or relevant authorities to ensure appropriate action is taken.

Types of Insulating Materials That Can Be Used to Bypass an Electric Fence

When it comes to bypassing an electric fence in The Escapists, you’ll need the right materials to insulate yourself and prevent electric shocks. There are several types of insulating materials that you can use for this purpose:

1. Rubber: Rubber is an excellent insulator and can be easily obtained. You can find rubber gloves, boots, or even rubber mats that can be used to safely walk over or touch the electric fence without getting shocked.

2. Plastic: Certain types of plastic materials, such as PVC pipes or sheets, can also act as good insulators. By creating a makeshift ladder or bridge using plastic materials, you can safely climb or cross the electric fence without getting electrocuted.

3. Wood: Wood can be an effective insulator too. By constructing a wooden platform or ladder, you can create a safe path to bypass the electric fence. Make sure the wood is dry and doesn’t have any moisture content to ensure better insulation.

Remember, safety should always be your top priority when dealing with electric fences. Always approach the situation with caution and use insulating materials to protect yourself from potential harm.

Source: How Criminals Bypass Electric Fences – ElectroMesh

Once the Fake Fence cover is placed, it seamlessly blends with the surrounding environment, making it indistinguishable from the real fences. This clever disguise allows you to move freely without drawing any attention, ensuring a smooth execution of your escape plan in The Escapists.

How Do You Use Fake Fence Covers in the Escapists?

Then, select the Fake Fence from your inventory and left click again on the gap. This will place the Fake Fence cover over the gap, making it appear as if there’s no opening between the fences.

Using Fake Fence covers can be a strategic move in the escapists, especially if you want to disable an electric fence without alerting the guards or raising any suspicion. By covering the gap, you can safely pass through the area without getting shocked or triggering any alarms.

It’s important to note that Fake Fence covers have limited uses, so make sure to use them wisely. You can craft them using a Sheet of Metal and Duct Tape, which are commonly found in the game. It’s advisable to stock up on these materials so that you’ve enough Fake Fence covers to disable multiple electric fences if needed.

Another tip is to plan your escape route carefully and identify the locations of all the electric fences you need to disable. This way, you can strategically place your Fake Fence covers and ensure a smooth and undetected escape.

How to Incorporate Fake Fence Covers Into a Larger Escape Plan in the Escapists.

  • Step 1: Assess the situation and plan your escape route.
  • Step 2: Obtain a Fake Fence cover from another inmate or craft one using the required materials.
  • Step 3: Find a suitable location near a real fence where you can place the Fake Fence cover without arousing suspicion.
  • Step 4: Make sure to hide any evidence of tampering with the real fence or the Fake Fence cover.
  • Step 5: Time your escape carefully, choosing a moment when the guards are less likely to notice your absence.
  • Step 6: Use the Fake Fence cover as a diversion to deceive the guards and create an opportunity for your escape.
  • Step 7: Act natural and blend in with the other inmates as you make your way towards the fake fence.
  • Step 8: Quickly remove the Fake Fence cover and pass through the real fence to freedom.
  • Step 9: Maintain a low profile and avoid drawing attention to yourself as you navigate the outside world.
  • Step 10: Remember that using Fake Fence covers is just one element of a larger escape plan – be prepared for any unexpected obstacles or challenges.


In conclusion, if you’re looking to disable an electric fence in The Escapists, it’s crucial to target and disable the generator powering it. While there are various prisons and compounds where this is applicable, including Stalag Flucht, San Pancho, Jungle Compound, HMP Irongate, and even in the DLC The Glorious Regime of The Escapists 2, the method remains the same. Whether you opt to cut the fence or dig underneath it, rendering the generator inactive is the key to overcoming this obstacle. With a strategic approach and careful planning, you'll be one step closer to freedom within the confines of the game.

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