How to Open the Iron Gate: Transcribe the Lexicon

In the quest of "Transcribe the Lexicon" in the game Skyrim, players encounter a perplexing challenge: opening the iron gate guarding the coveted lexicon. As they embark on this epic journey, they’re faced with a daunting task that requires cunning and careful observation. To successfully open the gate, players must navigate a panel of buttons with precision. The key lies in pressing the second button from the right, which triggers the opening of the Lexicon. As the Lexicon unseals, the third button from the right becomes illuminated, signaling the next step. Players must promptly press this button to activate the overhead lenses responsible for directing light onto the sphere. Once accomplished, the fourth button lights up, indicating progress. Without delay, players should press the last remaining button, ultimately unlocking the iron gate and obtaining the long-awaited scroll. With this comprehensive guide on how to open the iron gate and transcribe the Lexicon, players can triumph over adversity and delve deeper into the captivating world of Skyrim.

How Do You Transcribe the Lexicon Puzzle in Skyrim?

To transcribe the Lexicon puzzle in Skyrim, you must first make your way to the Tower of Mzark. This ancient Dwemer structure is located deep within the ruins of Blackreach and holds the key to unlocking the secrets of the Elder Scrolls.

Once inside the Tower of Mzark, you’ll find a receptacle where the Lexicon must be placed. This receptacle is crucial to the puzzle and serves as the starting point for the transcription process. Carefully place the Lexicon into the receptacle, ensuring that it’s securely in place.

After placing the Lexicon in the receptacle, your next task is to activate the Oculory. The Oculory is a complex device located in the heart of the tower, and it’s here that the true power of the Elder Scrolls is harnessed. To activate the Oculory, you must interact with four buttons located on a platform above it.

Strategically pressing the buttons in the correct order will bring the Oculory to life. The Oculory will then begin to move and shift, aligning various symbols and representations. This process is crucial for unraveling the mysteries of the Elder Scrolls and accessing their hidden knowledge.

Upon successful activation of the Oculory, a profound revelation awaits you. The Oculory will reveal an Elder Scroll, a legendary artifact of immense power and ancient wisdom. The Lexicon, once a simple book, is now transformed into a Runed Lexicon, an item of great significance in the realms of magic and arcane research.

By carefully placing the Lexicon in the receptacle and activating the Oculory, you gain access to the Elder Scrolls hidden knowledge. This puzzle is a testament to the rich lore and immersive gameplay that Skyrim has to offer, making it a must-experience quest for any adventurer seeking to delve into the depths of ancient secrets.

Tips and Strategies for Solving the Lexicon Puzzle in Skyrim

  • Start by collecting all the Lexicon items that you can find.
  • Once you’ve the Lexicon items, head to the Tower of Mzark located in the Blackreach area.
  • Inside the Tower of Mzark, interact with the Dwarven Mechanism and place the Lexicon in it.
  • This will trigger a puzzle where you need to align the beams of light to unlock the elevator.
  • To solve the puzzle, rotate the rings until the beams of light pass through all the lenses.
  • Each ring controls a different set of lenses, so be patient and try different combinations.
  • Once you’ve aligned all the beams of light correctly, the elevator will unlock.
  • Ride the elevator up and retrieve the Elder Scroll from the pedestal.
  • Congratulations! You’ve solved the Lexicon puzzle and obtained the Elder Scroll.


In conclusion, the process of how to open the iron gate and transcribe the Lexicon isn’t a complicated one, but rather requires some strategic button pressing. By following the steps mentioned, starting with pressing the second button from the right and moving onto the third, fourth, and last buttons, one can successfully retrieve the scroll. It’s essential to pay close attention to the visual cues such as the opening of the Lexicon and the lighting up of the buttons, indicating progress in the task. With these instructions in mind, the iron gate can be easily opened, and the valuable information within the scroll can be transcribed.

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