How to Remove a Barbed Wire Fence in Unturned

In the popular survival game Unturned, players often find themselves faced with the daunting task of removing a barbed wire fence. This formidable obstacle can impede progress, hinder movement, or simply be an eyesore. However, fear not, as there’s a straightforward method to remove this obstruction. By employing a simple crafting recipe, players can create a tool to dismantle the barbed wire fence and regain their freedom. Gathering just two wooden supports and three rolls of barbed wire, players can combine these materials to create a barbed fence. Armed with this newly fashioned tool, players can seamlessly dismantle the barbed wire fence, allowing for smoother navigation and enhanced aesthetics within the game environment. So, whether you’re looking to clear a path, improve your base design, or simply get rid of an unwanted eyesore, this guide will walk you through the steps to successfully remove a barbed wire fence in Unturned.

What Happens if You Cut Barbed Wire?

When it comes to dealing with barbed wire, caution and precision are of utmost importance. This tightly coiled wire, known for it’s menacing sharp barbs, poses a significant challenge when attempting to remove or cut it. Throughout the years, individuals have encountered the consequences that come from getting entangled with barbed wire. Cutting this wire haphazardly will often lead to being wrapped with several turns of these sharp and spring-like barbs.

These barbs aren’t something to be taken lightly, as they can penetrate deeply into the flesh, causing severe lacerations and injuries. The force exerted by the wire as it uncoils can leave you struggling to free yourself from it’s clutches. Moreover, the potential for infection from barb punctures is another concern. It’s essential to handle the wire with caution and respect it’s potential to harm.

Wearing protective clothing, such as heavy-duty gloves and long-sleeved shirts, is vital. Using the appropriate tools, such as wire cutters or fencing pliers, will allow for controlled and precise cutting. Planning each cut carefully, ensuring your body is positioned safely away from the potential recoil, is crucial to avoid any mishaps. Taking these precautions will help ensure the removal process is carried out safely and efficiently.

Rolling up barbed wire can be a tedious task, but with the right technique, it can be made much easier. One efficient method involves repurposing a 55-gallon drum and a sturdy 4 by 4 piece of lumber. By securely attaching the drum ends to the lumber, you can create a stable base for rolling up the wire. Stapling the wire to the 4 by 4 allows for a smooth and controlled rolling process. Once finished, the barrel ends can be reused for the next fence, ensuring a cost-effective solution.

What’s the Best Way to Roll Up Barbed Wire?

Removing a barbed wire fence can be a challenging task, but with the right technique, it can be made easier and more efficient.

To create a wire roller, you can repurpose a 55-gallon drum by cutting off the ends and lag screwing it to a sturdy 4 by 4 post. Make sure to use two lag screws on each end of the drum to prevent the 4 by 4 from spinning during the rolling process.

Once the wire roller is securely attached, start by stapling the end of the barbed wire fence to the 4 by 4 post near the drum. This will ensure that the wire remains in place and doesn’t unravel while you’re rolling it up.

Begin rolling the wire onto the drum by manually turning the drum. This process will take some effort, as barbed wire can be heavy and unwieldy. However, by steadily rolling the wire onto the drum, you can effectively gather it up without tangling or damaging the wire.

Once you’ve successfully rolled up the entire length of barbed wire, remove the barrel ends from the 4 by 4 post and reuse them for the next fence removal project.

Remember to exercise caution during this process, as barbed wire can cause injuries if mishandled. Wear protective gloves and ensure that the wire is properly secured before starting the removal process. By utilizing this rolling technique, you can easily remove barbed wire fences and make way for new developments or repairs without much hassle.

Different Methods for Removing Barbed Wire, Including Using Machinery or Tools Specifically Designed for the Job.

  • Using a wire cutter or pliers to carefully cut and remove each individual barb
  • Using a fence post puller to remove an entire section of barbed wire at once
  • Using a wire grip and a lever to slowly pull the wire out of the posts
  • Using a wire spinner or winder to roll up the barbed wire for easy removal
  • Using a tractor or other heavy machinery to pull the barbed wire out of the ground
  • Using a wire stretcher to loosen the tension on the wire before removing it
  • Using a portable electric fence dismantler to quickly remove and untangle the wire
  • Using a hammer or mallet to pound the barbed wire loose from the fence posts
  • Using a hacksaw or reciprocating saw to cut through the fence posts and remove the wire
  • Using a wire stripper or crimping tool to remove the barbed wire from any connectors or fasteners


In conclusion, removing a barbed wire fence in Unturned involves crafting and utilizing the necessary tools such as Wooden Supports and Barbed Wire. It’s important to ensure the availability of the required items and approach the process with caution to avoid any potential harm.

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