How to Remove Lichen From Wood Fence

If left untreated, lichen can become deeply ingrained and stubborn to remove. To enhance the cleaning power, add a mild soap that can be safely mixed with bleach, using a teaspoon of detergent per liter of solution. The combination of bleach, water, and detergent will work together to break down and lift the lichen, making it easier to remove.

How Do You Get Rid of Lichen Naturally?

Lichen, a combination of algae and fungi, can often be found growing on various outdoor surfaces, including wood fences. While it may not pose a direct threat to the health of your fence, it’s presence can be unsightly and make your fence appear neglected. If youre seeking a natural solution to get rid of lichen, there are a few methods you can try.

One simple approach is to mix a gentle, soapy solution and spray it onto the affected branches. Ensure that the lichen is thoroughly wet before proceeding. Next, take a natural-bristle scrub brush and use gentle, circular motions to exfoliate the lichen off the wood surface. It’s crucial not to scrub too hard, especially if the bark is young or thin, as you don’t want to damage the wood underneath.

Once you’ve removed the lichen, rinse off the residue with a stream of water from your garden hose. This step will also help to wash away any remaining soap solution. It’s important to note that lichen can be persistent, so you may need to repeat this process over multiple days or weeks until you achieve the desired results.

For example, a mixture of vinegar and water applied to the affected areas can help break down the lichens hold on the wood.

Using Natural Oils, Such as Neem Oil or Tea Tree Oil, to Eliminate Lichen Growth

  • Neem oil
  • Tea tree oil

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When it comes to removing lichens, the most effective solution is Bio-Shield. Unlike traditional methods that require water blasting or scrubbing, Bio-Shield eliminates the need for such strenuous efforts. With just a simple spray-on application, Bio-Shield effectively kills lichens and cleans up the surface without any additional procedures. Moreover, this remarkable product ensures long-lasting cleanliness, making it the ultimate choice for lichen removal.

What Is the Best Lichen Remover?

When it comes to removing lichens from a wood fence, finding the right lichen remover is crucial. One of the best products on the market is Bio-Shield. This powerful solution not only kills lichens but also cleans up the surface without the need for water blasting or intense scrubbing.

One of the major advantages of using Bio-Shield is that it eliminates the need for water blasting or scrubbing, which can be time-consuming and damaging to the wood. By avoiding these abrasive methods, you can protect the integrity of your fence and ensure it’s longevity.

Furthermore, Bio-Shield not only removes existing lichens, but it also helps to prevent their regrowth. Once the lichens are eliminated, the product continues to keep the surface clean for extended periods. This means that you won’t have to worry about frequent maintenance or further lichen growth in the future.

Say goodbye to water blasting and scrubbing, and say hello to a beautifully restored wood fence.

How to Effectively Use Bio-Shield Lichen Remover

One effective method for removing lichen from a wood fence is to use Bio-Shield lichen remover. Bio-Shield is a biodegradable and environmentally-friendly product that effectively targets and eliminates lichen growth. To use it, simply dilute the Bio-Shield solution with water according to the instructions provided. Then, apply the mixture to the lichen-covered areas of your wood fence using a spray bottle or brush. Allow the solution to sit and penetrate the lichen for a few minutes before gently scrubbing the moss away. Finally, rinse the fence thoroughly with water to remove any residue. By following these steps, you can effectively remove lichen from your wood fence using Bio-Shield lichen remover.


After preparing a cleaning solution by mixing bleach and water, along with a mild soap, it’s important to thoroughly scrub the areas affected by lichen on the wood fence. This method ensures that the lichen is eliminated, preventing further damage to the wood.

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